Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors perennial flower seeds - fresh Tree Peony seeds

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Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors Seeds - Grow Beautiful Tree Peonies

Enhance your garden with the stunning beauty of Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors. These tree peony, Moutan peony, or Mu dan seeds will transform your outdoor space into a colorful oasis.

Key Features:

  • Perennial flowering deciduous shrub
  • Mix of colors including white, pink, red, and red-purple
  • Large, single flowers with unique petal shapes
  • Easy to grow and care for

Planting and Care Instructions:

Plant Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors seeds in well-draining soil and provide them with plenty of sunlight. These perennial peonies are low-maintenance and can thrive for years with proper care.

Why Choose Our Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors Seeds?

  • High germination rate
  • Handpicked fresh seeds
  • Rare and heirloom variety
  • Worldwide shipping available

Order Your Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors Seeds Today!

Add elegance and charm to your garden with Paeonia Suffruticosa Mix Colors. Order your seeds now and enjoy the beauty these plants bring to your outdoor space.

Perennial: Perennial

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