Snapdragon University of California 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Antirrhinum majus

Oreshka seeds
Snapdragon University of California (Latin: Antirrhinum majus)

An annual plant. However, if the plant is well cared for, and if there are favorable conditions, then the frost-resistant snapdragon can transfer wintering in the open ground. At the same time, next year its flowering will be more spectacular. It is 80 centimeters high.
The inflorescences have a rich and bright color. The shades are very different. The flowering part is quite high, it is almost half the height of the culture. It is suitable for decorating flower beds, flower beds and for creating bouquet compositions.
Reproduction of this plant can be produced by seeds, as well as by a vegetative method. Sowing of seeds for seedlings is carried out in the first days of March. Planting of snapdragon seedlings should be carried out in the last days of May and the first days of June.
At the same time, you should not be afraid of cold spells at night, since these plants tolerate them quite calmly.

Annual: Annual

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