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Organic Snapdragon University of California Seeds: A Gardener's Dream

Introducing the Snapdragon University of California, a unique flower known scientifically as Antirrhinum majus. With its rich and bright inflorescences, this plant promises to be the star of your garden.

Standing tall at 80 centimeters, the Snapdragon's flowering part is almost half its height, offering a visual treat like no other. Whether you're looking to adorn your flower beds or create stunning bouquet compositions, this plant won't disappoint.

Why Choose Our Snapdragon Seeds?

At Oreshka-Seeds, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best. Our Snapdragon seeds are organic, ensuring they're free from harmful chemicals. Plus, with high germination rates, you're guaranteed lush growth.

Planting and Care

Begin your Snapdragon journey in early March by sowing the seeds. By late May to early June, you can transplant the seedlings. And don't worry about those chilly nights - our Snapdragons are frost-resistant!

Order Now and Reap the Benefits

With our Snapdragon University of California seeds, you're not just planting flowers; you're making an investment. An investment in beauty, quality, and nature. So why wait? Order now and watch your garden transform!

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