Heirloom Chinese Houses Flower 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Collinsia Heterophylla Purple

Oreshka seeds
Collinsia moth (lat. Collinsia) or Collinsia heterophylla (lat. Collinsia heterophylla)

An unpretentious annual plant with a height of 25-35 cm.The leaves are opposite.
The flowers are 2.5 cm in diameter, double-edged, similar to a miniature snapdragon. The lower lip is longer, lilac, pink, sometimes white, the upper one is shorter, white.
Collinsia is used for curbs in semi-shaded places. Sowing in the ground in the spring at the earliest possible time or under winter, provided that a dry leaf or lapnik is covered.
With winter sowing, it blooms at the end of May. You can sow again until the beginning of June, which will extend the flowering as a whole until October.

Annual: Annual

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