Marigolds Rejected Fiesta 30 seeds - Tagetes patula nana seeds

Oreshka seeds
Marigold rejected Fiesta (lat. Tagetes patula nana)

Bright, profusely flowering low plants up to 30 cm tall with variegated double inflorescences. The stems are strongly branched from the base, the lateral shoots are deflected, and bear dark green pinnately dissected leaves.

Large velvety reed flowers of rich red-brown color, with orange-yellow edges, are collected in cup-shaped inflorescences-baskets 4-6 cm in diameter, in the middle there are tubular flowers - small, yellow. They bloom profusely and for a long time, from June until frost. They retain their decorative effect throughout the summer.

These marigolds perfectly fill the gaps between neighboring plants, and also decorate terraces, balconies and flowerpots, and are good for creating borders. Planted next to garden crops, marigolds reduce their damage to fungal diseases, especially fusarium, and protect against certain types of nematodes. They look beautiful in combination with primroses and cineraria, and other low-growing plants.

Annual: Annual

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