Marigolds Maknil Mix seeds - fresh Tagetes seeds from Russia

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Marigolds Maknil Mix Seeds - 30+ Fresh Tagetes Seeds from Russia

Elevate your garden with the vibrant beauty of Marigolds Maknil Mix Seeds. These annual plants showcase stunning 5-6 cm flowers and thrive even in hot conditions. Ideal for borders and group plantings, these marigolds add a burst of color to your outdoor space.

Planting and Care:

Plant these seeds in April for seedlings or in May directly in the ground. Shoots will emerge in 7-14 days at temperatures around +18-20°C. Transplant seedlings after 3 weeks and plant in the ground once frost danger has passed. Space plants 35-40 cm apart. Marigolds grow best in sunny areas with loamy soil.

Flowering Period:

Enjoy the vibrant blooms from late June to September, adding a touch of beauty to your garden throughout the summer.

Annual: Annual

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