Lupin Pink Flamingo 14 PSC seeds | vibrant Lupinus Perennis for Your garden

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Organic Lupin Pink Flamingo Seeds: The Perfect Addition to Your Garden
Introducing the Lupin Pink Flamingo, a unique variety of Lupinus perennis that promises to bring life and color to your garden. With its large inflorescences on robust stems and a height reaching up to 100 cm, this plant is a sight to behold.
The palmately complex leaves, sitting on elongated petioles, add to its beauty. The carmine-red flowers, assembled in racemes spanning 35-40 cm, bloom in June, making it perfect for curbs, rabatok, and mixborders. This plant thrives in sunny areas and is adaptable to various soil types.
For best results, sow the seeds between April and May directly in the open ground. Ensure a spacing of 20-25 cm between plants for optimal growth. You can expect the seedlings to emerge within 25-30 days.
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