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Mirabilis is a night beauty of the Elvira variety.

The type species of the genus Mirabilis (Mirabilis) of the family Nyctaginaceae. A perennial herbaceous plant, in some areas it is grown as an annual. The roots are swollen, tuberous.

The Elvira variety is a rounded shrub, 60 cm high, the height of individual shoots reaches 1 m. The leaves are dark green, elongated, with pointed tips. It stands out with large flowers growing up to 4 cm. The color is variegated: white, yellow, purple.

The stems are erect, densely branching, reddish, lignified in the lower part. The leaves are simple, opposite, elongated-ovate, whole-edged, unpeeled, on short petioles.

Corymbose inflorescences contain 3-5 sessile flowers surrounded by a cup-shaped wrapper. They open in the afternoon, emit a strong sweet aroma and thus attract long-lobed moths-pollinators of the hawk moth family (Sphingidae).

The flowers are funnel-shaped. The petals fuse to form a funnel-shaped corolla, can be of a wide variety of colors: white, pink, purple, red and yellow, as well as various transitional colors.

The fruit is a rather large achene, dark brown, with five sharp ribs, contains one seed.

It is a popular ornamental plant. The leaves of the plant can be eaten. The flowers are used to color food.

Perennial: Perennial

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