organic Mirabilis Elvira perennial flower seeds: the Nighttime Marvel

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Mirabilis Elvira: The Nighttime Marvel

The Mirabilis Elvira, also known as the Night beauty or the Marvel of Peru, is a perennial herbaceous plant that captivates with its radiant blooms. This variety stands out with its variegated flowers, ranging from white and yellow to deep purple.

Characteristics of the Mirabilis Elvira

  • Plant Structure: Rounded shrub, reaching heights of up to 1m.
  • Leaves: Dark green, elongated with pointed tips.
  • Flowers: Large, up to 4 cm, with a funnel-shaped structure and a variety of colors.
  • Aroma: Strong and sweet, attracting pollinators like the hawk moth.

Care Tips for Mirabilis Elvira

For optimal growth, ensure a well-draining soil and regular watering. The Mirabilis Elvira thrives in sunny spots and rewards with a profusion of blooms that open in the afternoon, filling the air with their sweet aroma.

Benefits of Growing Mirabilis Elvira

Beyond its ornamental value, the Mirabilis Elvira offers edible leaves and flowers that can be used for culinary purposes. Its flowers also serve as a natural food coloring agent.

Why Choose Organic Seeds?

Organic seeds are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safer environment for you and the planet. They promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and yield stronger, more resilient plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do Mirabilis Elvira flowers bloom?

The flowers typically open in the afternoon and continue to bloom throughout the evening, earning the name 'Night beauty'.

2. Are the flowers and leaves of Mirabilis Elvira edible?

Yes, both the flowers and leaves can be consumed and are often used in culinary dishes for their unique flavor and coloring properties.

3. How often should I water the Mirabilis Elvira?

Regular watering is essential, especially during the growing season. However, ensure the soil is well-draining to prevent waterlogging.

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