Nasturtium Vesuvius 10+ PCS fresh seeds, Tropaeolum

Oreshka seeds
Nasturtium Vesuvius (lat. Tropaeolum)

Compact, low bush, shaped like a ball. The flowers are large, about 5 cm in diameter, with increased terry, with the finest, very pleasant aroma. The color of the flowers is pink-salmon. The height of the bush is about 40 cm. The flowers are very expressive, they look beautiful against the background of dark green rounded leaves. The leaves are large, rounded, with a long petiole. Planting in the open ground in June. The beginning of flowering is the beginning of July. The flowering period is until late autumn. It can be used for flower borders, for decorating flower beds, alpine slides, as well as balconies and indoor interiors.

Annual: Annual

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