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Allioni's Jaundice, Chery's jaundice, Lacfiol (Erysimum cheiri)
A perennial plant, grown in gardens as an annual or biennial. Height up to 45 cm.
Flowers are large with a sweet refreshing smell, collected in apical brushes, from Golden yellow to orange.
When planting plants, compost is added to the soil or the plants are fed before flowering with a solution of full mineral fertilizer. In dry and hot weather, watering is necessary. For better branching, it is advisable to pinch the top.
Allioni's Jaundice, Chery's jaundice, Lacfiol (Erysimum cheiri)
Jaundice Allioni
Blooms 8 weeks after sowing. For early flowering, it is grown through seedlings.
It is used for planting in rabatkah, mixborders.
In the garden, the jaundice can be combined with other annuals and herbaceous perennials and create variegated color mixtures on them.
In a flower bed with perennials, it will serve as an attractive filling of voids formed after the wilting of spring-flowering plants.
Allioni's Jaundice, Chery's jaundice, Lacfiol (Erysimum cheiri)
Jaundice Allioni
This low shrub plant has a magical appearance as a frame for tents and garden paths.
Jaundice, planted in pots, gives bright color accents, so it is suitable for creating summer compositions.
This plant is worthy of a place at the entrance to the house or under the Windows, so that you can enjoy its aroma.
Planting: seeds for seedlings in may or directly in the ground in may-June. The optimal t for germination is 16°C. Seedlings appear 7-14 days after sowing.

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