Lonas Inodora 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Lonas annua, syn. Achillea inodora

Oreshka seeds
Lonas Inodora (Latin Lonas annua, syn. Achillea inodora L., Lonas inodora L.)

is a monotypic genus, represented by 1 species, of the family Compositaceae.
An annual herbaceous plant 45-55 cm tall. The stems are erect, reddish, strongly branched. The leaves are arranged in a regular order, elongated, pinnately dissected, dark green, slightly pubescent. Inflorescences are bright, golden-yellow baskets, collected in dense corymbose inflorescences 10-12 cm across.
Prefers light, moderately fertile soils, requires open, sunny places.
After planting and in dry weather, plants need moderate watering. At the beginning of growth, it is desirable to make 1-2 fertilizing with nitrogen or complex fertilizers.
Lonas can be planted in low flower beds: on flower beds, rabatki, in borders, in the foreground of mixborders. This plant looks great in rockeries. The cut retains an attractive appearance for a long time and looks good in low bouquets and compositions.
Inflorescences cut in dry weather in the phase of complete dissolution can be dried like other dried flowers in a dry darkened place. At the same time, it is desirable to remove the foliage from plants intended for drying, and then tie them into bundles of 5-10 pieces and hang them on trellises for drying.
Planting: With the help of seedlings, seeds are sown in March in a greenhouse or in April — in the open ground. Sow rarely to a depth of 3 mm. The optimal temperature for germination is 15-21C. They are planted in a permanent place at the end of May - June, maintaining a distance between the plants of 25 cm.

Annual: Annual

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