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Organic Lonas Inodora Seeds: A Must-Have for Every Garden Enthusiast

Lonas Inodora, also known as Lonas annua or Achillea inodora, is a monotypic genus, representing a unique species from the Compositaceae family. This annual herbaceous plant stands tall at 45-55 cm, boasting erect, reddish, and strongly branched stems.

The elongated, pinnately dissected leaves are dark green and slightly pubescent, adding to its visual appeal. But what truly captures attention are its bright, golden-yellow inflorescences. These are meticulously arranged in dense corymbose clusters, spanning 10-12 cm across.

For optimal growth, Lonas Inodora prefers light, moderately fertile soils and thrives in open, sunny spots. It's essential to provide moderate watering post-planting and during dry spells. To boost its growth, consider 1-2 fertilizations with nitrogen or complex fertilizers during the initial growth phase.

Planting and Care Instructions

Lonas Inodora is versatile and can be planted in various spots like low flower beds, flower beds, rabatkis, borders, or as a foreground element in mixborders. Its beauty isn't just limited to gardens; it's a popular choice for rockeries too. Once cut, Lonas Inodora retains its charm for an extended period, making it a favorite for bouquets and compositions.

For those interested in dried flowers, Lonas Inodora doesn't disappoint. Cut the inflorescences during dry weather when they're fully dissolved. Ensure you remove the foliage from plants meant for drying. Bundle them in groups of 5-10 and hang them in a dry, dark place for drying.

For planting, use seedlings. Sow the seeds in March in a greenhouse or in April for open ground. Ensure you sow sparsely, at a depth of 3 mm. The ideal germination temperature is between 15-21°C. Transplant the seedlings to their permanent spot between the end of May and June, keeping a 25 cm spacing between plants.

Why Choose Organic Lonas Inodora Seeds?

Organic seeds ensure you're getting a product free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They promise healthier plants and, in turn, a healthier environment. By choosing organic, you're not only enhancing your garden but also contributing to a sustainable ecosystem.

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