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Organic Nasturtium Queen of India Seeds

Introducing the Nasturtium Queen of India, a unique flower seed offering from Oreshka Seeds. Known for its dark-colored foliage and stunning bright rich red flowers, this seed is a must-have for every gardening enthusiast.

Why Choose Nasturtium Queen of India?

  • Produces gorgeous bright rich red flowers
  • Flowers rise beautifully above the small foliage, offering a decorative touch
  • Simultaneous blooming of 10-15 flowers
  • Perfect for window boxes, flower beds, and borders

Planting Instructions

Sowing is best done directly in open ground towards the end of May. Ensure a spacing of 12-25 cm between seeds. These seeds thrive in moderately fertile, light, and well-drained soil. Watering is essential during the initial growth phase and subsequently during periods of soil dryness. Fertilize before the flowering phase, ideally every 7-10 days. A sunny spot or partial shade is perfect for these seeds.

Additional Tips

For those looking to enhance their gardens with unique flowers, the Nasturtium Queen of India is an excellent choice. Its organic nature ensures healthy growth and vibrant blooms. Trust Oreshka Seeds for the best quality seeds sourced from around the world.

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