Chrysanthemum Dunetti 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Chrysanthemum Carinatum Dunetti

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Chrysanthemum Dunetti (lat. Chrysanthemum Carinatum Dunetti)

The large-flowered variety of the keeled chrysanthemum Dunetti has a height of 80 to 100 cm. The flowers are double, reaching a diameter of up to 15 cm. Even within the framework of one variety, the coloring of Dunetti can be very diverse. On sale, this variety is presented under the name "terry mixture".
It is believed that the coloring of the Dunetti variety depends on the acidity of the soil on which it is grown, as well as on the flowering time
The leaves of the plant have a dark green shade, there is pubescence on them. According to the appearance and features of the structure of the bush (thick stem, taproot, etc.), Dunetti is very easy to confuse with perennial chrysanthemums, but this, unfortunately, is not the case.

Annual: Annual

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