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Organic Chrysanthemum Dunetti Seeds

Introducing the Chrysanthemum Dunetti, a unique large-flowered variety of the keeled chrysanthemum. With a height ranging from 80 to 100 cm, its double flowers can reach an impressive diameter of up to 15 cm. The Dunetti variety is known for its diverse coloring, often referred to as the 'terry mixture'. The color variation is influenced by the soil's acidity and the flowering time.

Features of Chrysanthemum Dunetti

  • Height: 80 to 100 cm
  • Flower Diameter: Up to 15 cm
  • Color Variation: Influenced by soil acidity and flowering time

The plant's leaves are dark green with a slight pubescence. It's easy to mistake the Dunetti for perennial chrysanthemums due to its appearance and bush structure. However, they are distinct varieties.

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