Maroon Beaujolais Sweet Peas seeds - Lathyrus odoratus

Oreshka seeds

Maroon Beaujolais Sweet Peas Seeds

Experience the beauty of nature with Maroon Beaujolais Sweet Peas seeds (Lathyrus odoratus) from Oreshka Seeds. These flowering herbaceous annuals, members of the Legume family (Fabaceae), boast stunning, velvety burgundy-to-almost-black flowers. Adorn your bouquets with the 4-6 flowers that grace each peduncle, emitting a delicate fragrance that adds elegance to any arrangement.

Climbing to a height of about 2 meters, these plants artfully twine around supports, showcasing their lush foliage and blossoms. Successful growth begins with a 10-12 hour water soak for the seeds, followed by substrate disinfection using a potent potassium permanganate solution. For optimal results, germinate seedlings in a greenhouse environment. Cold-resistance is a hallmark of these Sweet Peas, making them a perfect addition to your garden.

Annual: Annual

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