Delphinium blue bird 40 PCS fresh seeds, Pacific giant blue bird, Blue delphinium, Larkspur, Delphinium cultorum, Perennial flower seeds

Oreshka seeds
Pacific giant blue bird, Blue delphinium, Larkspur, Delphinium cultorum (lat. Delphinium Blue Bird)

A perennial plant. The bush is powerful, with palmately separated and dissected leaves and strong high peduncles. Numerous semi-double flowers of a beautiful sky-blue color with a white eye are collected in large inflorescences-brushes. The variety does not lose its decorative effect for a long time. It is perfect for decorating the central and background of flower beds, planting in groups on the lawn and obtaining high-quality cutting. Blooms in late June – July, with timely pruning of faded inflorescences, repeated flowering is possible in August-September.
Frost-and drought-resistant plant, prefers a sunny location with light shading in the midday hours and protection from the wind; loose, well-drained soil without water stagnation. For germination, seeds need mandatory stratification

Perennial: Perennial

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