Zinnia Carousel mix 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Zinnia

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Zinnia Carousel mix (lat. Zinnia)

Zinnia Carousel is a mixture of unusual thick-masked flowers of various colors. The height of the plants is 60 cm, which gives a lot of options for planting in a flower garden. Zinnia Carousel prefers neutral soils, so it is advisable to look at the lowest concentration of peat in it when buying soil for seedlings. Or add sand and compost to the peat. Ideally, it is better to prepare the soil for planting in the autumn by digging it to a depth of 10 cm and adding sand and humus.
Zinnia Carousel is planted on seedlings in April. Before planting in the ground, its large seeds can be put on a damp cloth and left for 3 to 10 days to germinate. Periodically moisten the fabric from the spray gun. Next, plant the seedlings in the ground. They can be planted in a permanent place from the end of May (in the southern regions) or in seedlings in early June, as soon as the threats of frost pass. Zinnia does not like cold weather.
You can immediately plant in the open ground, but only in May, making stocks of covering material, if short-term frosts occur. However, once the flowers take root, there will be no trouble with them.

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