Astra Kartheuser 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Aster

Oreshka seeds
Astra Kartheuser (Lat. Aster)

Variety type-claw, medium flowering period. The plant is pyramidal in shape, 70 - 80 cm high, forms several elastic, strong peduncles. Inflorescences are dense, double, dark blue, 10-13 cm in diameter, consist of long, twisted into thin tubes and beautifully curled in a spiral tongue flowers covering a small disk of small yellow tubular flowers. Asters of this series are great for group planting and cutting.
Sowing: for seedlings in March – April. The seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth. Watering - only with warm water. The crops are grown at a temperature of 15-18C. With the appearance of the first pair of real leaves, the seedlings dive according to the 6*6 cm scheme. Before planting seedlings in the open ground at the end of May, it is tempered for 1-2 weeks, lowering the temperature to 10C. Prefers a sunny, sheltered place from the wind, with fertile, limed, well-drained, but without fresh manure soils. The distance between the plants is 35-40 cm. It is possible to plant seeds immediately in the open ground (under the film) at the end of April, followed by thinning of seedlings.
Care: rare, abundant watering. Frequent, careful loosening is recommended. It is necessary to feed during the budding period.
Flowering: from July to September. To increase the flowering time, you should remove the fading inflorescences.

Annual: Annual

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