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Astra Kartheuser Aster Seeds

Are you ready to experience the beauty of Astra Kartheuser Aster flowers in your garden? At Oreshka Seeds, we offer a variety of fresh and organic Astra Kartheuser Aster seeds that are sure to impress. These pyramidal-shaped plants can reach a height of 70 - 80 cm and boast dense, double, dark blue inflorescences.

The unique spiral tongue flowers, twisted into thin tubes, create a mesmerizing display that adds elegance to any space. These Astra Kartheuser Aster flowers are perfect for group planting and make exquisite cut flowers for bouquets.

Sowing and Care Instructions

To start your Astra Kartheuser Aster journey, sow the seeds for seedlings in March – April. Gently sprinkle the seeds with soil and water them with warm water. Maintain a temperature of 15-18°C for optimal growth. Once the first pair of real leaves appears, transplant the seedlings following a 6x6 cm scheme. Before planting in open ground, temper the seedlings for 1-2 weeks at 10°C.

For best results, choose a sunny, sheltered location with well-drained, limed soil. Maintain a spacing of 35-40 cm between plants. Direct sowing in the open ground is also possible in late April, followed by thinning.

Care: Water the plants sparingly but thoroughly. Regular and careful loosening of the soil is recommended. Fertilize during the budding period to promote abundant flowering. To extend the flowering period, remove faded inflorescences.

Flowering: Enjoy the beauty of Astra Kartheuser Aster flowers from July to September.

Annual: Annual

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