Large yellow daylily 5 PCS fresh seeds, Hemerocallis lílioas phodelus

Large yellow daylily (Hemerocallis lílioas phodelus). A beautiful perennial with peduncles up to 1 m in height. Blooms in the second half of summer, starting from mid-July to the end of August. Some varieties bloom in late May. The flowers are funnel-shaped, can have different shades-yellow, golden, orange. One yellow inflorescence consists of 5-8 large flowers. The leaves are long (75 cm), narrow, green in color. There are undersized types, even dwarf, tall, such a yellow daylily is planted as a border decoration. Long-term flowering. The perennial continuously produces yellow buds, replacing the withered flower with a new one. In the people for this feature, the daylily is called krasnodnev.
Unpretentiousness to the growing conditions and care.
Maintaining the attractiveness for a long time, a combination of different shades of foliage.
The ability to grow in the shade.
Yellow early daylily begins to bloom in the first days of June. Some modern varieties can please their owners with flowers as early as the end of April.
The duration of flowering is more than 2 months. If the summer is characterized by low temperatures and high humidity, then the flowering is more abundant and prolonged.
The leaves of the daylily are very beautiful-xiphoid, narrow, curved. Peduncles are strong, without foliage. They can be straight or branched.
The shape of the flower is similar to an elongated tube. The aroma is pronounced, pleasant. Very fond of moisture and heat, does not tolerate low-snow winters and the presence of lime in the soil. To prolong the flowering period, you need to remove the faded flower stalks in a timely manner.

Perennial: Perennial

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