Mattiola Rich Aroma or levkoi, night violet 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Matthiola Incana Rich Aroma

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Mattiola Rich Aroma or levkoi, night violet (Latin: Matthiola Incana Rich Aroma)

A flowering herbaceous plant belonging to the Cruciferous family. In appearance, it is modest, but it is appreciated due to the incredible aroma of flowers. With the onset of a summer evening, the flowers bloom, giving their fragrance, so it is also called a night violet.
A single or perennial plant. The stem is 30-90 cm high, dense, erect, branching. The stem is covered with a thin skin: bare or pubescent. The leaves are lanceolate with serrated or whole edges, soft, pubescent, collected in large numbers in the basal zone.
Racemose inflorescences appear on the tops of the shoots in late spring. They are thick, consist of terry or simple flowers. The petals are rounded, painted in white, pink, lilac, purple or yellow. The sweet aroma attracts pollinating insects. In place of the inflorescences, a fruit appears – a small flattened pod containing many small seeds.

Perennial: Perennial

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