Sweet William Purple flower seeds - Dianthus Barbatus for Stunning Blooms

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Sweet William Purple Flower Seeds

Discover the allure of Sweet William Purple (Dianthus barbatus) with our premium collection of 30+ fresh seeds. This captivating plant boasts dense flattened caps of bright purple flowers. The bush grows up to 50 cm in height, flaunting linear-lanceolate green leaves.

In its first year, Sweet William Purple forms a rosette of basal leaves, followed by exquisite blooms from late June for approximately a month. Whether enhancing flower beds, perennial borders, or floral arrangements, Sweet William Purple thrives. Its resilience against cold and drought makes it suitable for sunny spots or partial shade. Flourishing in fertile, well-drained soil, sow the seeds in May-June on spread ridges, lightly covered with damp sand. Watch the seedlings emerge in 10-14 days at a soil temperature of +18-20°C. For optimal results, plant seedlings 25-30 cm apart in August.

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