Pyrethrum perennial Robinson 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Pyrethrum

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Pyrethrum perennial Robinson (lat. Pyrethrum)

Robinson. Winter-hardy perennial. Inflorescences of pyrethrum Robinson are large, pink, red, purple shades. The plants bloom from June to July. They are grown through seedlings or by direct sowing in the ground. The distance between the plants on the site is observed 30-40 cm.
Varieties bloom in the second year after planting. They need to be divided every 4-5 years, because there is a degeneration and a decrease in their decorative value.
A bushy herbal plant is called Persian, Caucasian or Dalmatian chamomile pyrethrum. The names indicate the origin of flowers from regions with a warm climate. Pyrethrum is similar to garden or medicinal chamomile only in appearance, being a plant from the botanical group of Asteraceae. Pyrethrum is also compared to chrysanthemum for the smell and shape of the leaves.

Perennial: Perennial

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