Nasturtium Salmon seeds | Grow vibrant Salmon-Colored flowers

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Organic Nasturtium Salmon Seeds: Elevate Your Garden's Beauty

Presenting the renowned Nasturtium Salmon seeds, celebrated for their compact bushes reaching 20-25 cm. Adorned with dark green foliage and semi-double, salmon-hued blossoms, they're the quintessential touch for gardens and balconies. Handpicked from premium global sources, these seeds are a testament to nature's unparalleled splendor.

Why Nasturtium Salmon Seeds are a Must-Have:

  • 100% Organic and devoid of harmful chemicals
  • Exceptional germination rate for robust growth
  • Ideal for gardens, balconies, and patios

Nasturtium Salmon seeds aren't merely seeds; they're an assurance of nature's grandeur in your personal haven.

Annual: Annual

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