Aster Aria, Ostrich feather 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Aster

Oreshka seeds
Aster Aria, Ostrich feather (Latin Aster)

Magnificent plants up to 50 cm high, the bush is wide, spreading. Inflorescences are large, dense, curly, up to 15 pieces are formed on one plant. Well-lit areas with fertile loamy or sandy loam soil are suitable for cultivation. Asters have a high cold resistance – they tolerate frosts up to-3-4 C. They are grown most often by seedling method. Seeds are sown in March-April, dive with the development of the first pair of real leaves according to the 5x5 cm scheme, seedlings are planted in the open ground from mid-May to early June. Winter sowing of asters is possible: at the end of October to a depth of 5-8 cm. From above, the crops are mulched with peat or sawdust to a height of 3-5 cm. In the spring, at the end of March-beginning of April, the crops are opened. The shoots that appeared at the end of April will be hardened, and the grown plants will be strong, resistant to frost and bloom abundantly. They are used for obtaining a cut and registration of the site.

Annual: Annual

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