Snapdragon undersized Rainbow 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Antirrhinum majus

Oreshka seeds
Snapdragon undersized Rainbow (Lat. Antirrhinum majus)

A low-growing form of a popular profusely flowering plant. The flowers are fragrant, large, collected in racemes. The bushes are pyramidal, branched, 30-40 cm high, with numerous peduncles. Flowering is very early and long, from June until the end of the season. Plants are unpretentious, cold-resistant, relatively drought-resistant, prefer a sunny location, but they can also grow in partial shade. They are used for group and single plantings on flower beds, in borders, rabatki and mixborders. Suitable for cutting.
Seeding. It is grown through seedlings. The seeds are sown superficially, without sealing, moistened with a spray gun and covered with glass to maintain constant humidity until germination. The seeds germinate in the light. Seedlings appear after 7-12 days, grow slowly. In the phase of one or two real leaves, the seedlings dive.
Seedlings are planted in the open ground from the second half of May. Planting is placed in sunny areas with fertile, drained soils.

Annual: Annual

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