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Unveiling the Beauty of Zinnia Tumbelina Seeds

Introducing the Zinnia Tumbelina - a unique blend of nature's colors and vitality. This annual plant boasts a dwarf stature, reaching up to 20 cm in height. Its flowers, reminiscent of dahlias, come in double and semi-double varieties, each measuring up to 7 cm in diameter. Their spectrum of colors is a sight to behold, making them a gardener's delight. The world of flowers is vast and diverse, but few stand out as much as the Zinnia Tumbelina. With its vibrant hues and organic origins, it's a favorite among garden enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why Choose Zinnia Tumbelina?

  • Perfect for flower beds, garden beds, alpine slides, and pot culture
  • High germination rate ensures healthy growth
  • Organically sourced, ensuring nature's touch in every seed

Planting Instructions:

Begin your Zinnia journey in April by planting them indoors. Ensure the seeds are no deeper than 0.5 cm. After 3-4 weeks, it's time to transplant the seedlings. Once you're sure the frost won't be returning, move them outdoors, maintaining a spacing of 25x25 cm. These plants thrive in sunny spots with fertile, neutral soil. The joy of watching a seed transform into a blooming flower is unparalleled. And with Zinnia Tumbelina, this experience is enhanced manifold. The seeds, sourced organically, promise a garden that's not just beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Caring for Your Zinnias:

  • Water them during prolonged droughts
  • Fertilize every 2-4 weeks using Complex Mineral Fertilizers

From July until the first frost, your garden will be adorned with the mesmerizing beauty of Zinnia Tumbelina. But the journey doesn't end here. As the seasons change, these flowers leave behind seeds that can be collected and sown the next year, ensuring a cycle of beauty and growth. This is the magic of nature, and with Zinnia Tumbelina, you become a part of this wondrous cycle.


Gardening is not just a hobby; it's a passion. It's about connecting with nature, understanding the rhythm of the earth, and creating something beautiful from scratch. And in this journey, the right seeds play a crucial role. With Zinnia Tumbelina seeds from Oreshka, you are not just planting flowers; you are sowing the seeds of a greener, more beautiful tomorrow. So, why wait? Dive into the world of organic gardening with Zinnia Tumbelina and experience the joy of nature like never before.

Zinnia Tumbelina seeds from Oreshka Seeds promise a garden filled with vibrant colors and organic beauty. Dive into the world of organic gardening today!

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