Zinnia Tumbelina 45 PCS fresh seeds, Zinnia

Oreshka seeds
Zinnia Tumbelina (lat. Zinnia)

An annual plant. A unique mixture of dwarf type, up to 20 cm high. Dahlia-shaped double and semi-double flowers, up to 7 cm in diameter, of various colors. It is perfectly suitable for flower beds, garden beds, alpine slides, as well as as a pot culture.
Sowing: for seedlings in April. The depth of seed embedding is not more than 0.5 cm. After 3-4 weeks, the seedlings dive. In the open ground, they are planted when the threat of frost passes according to the 25*25cm scheme. Prefers sunny places with fertile, neutral soil.
Care: in case of prolonged drought, watering is required. Every 2-4 weeks, fertilizing is carried out with Complex Mineral Fertilizers. Flowering: from July to frost.

Annual: Annual

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