Mallow (stock rose) mix of flowers 30+ PCS / 300 PCS fresh seeds, Alcea rosea

Stock roses (hollyhocks) are one of the highest flower crops, indispensable in large flower beds in the background. The genus Malva (Alcea rosea L.) it has about 60 species distributed in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, in Front and Central Asia.

Perennial, biennial, rarely annual herbaceous, woolly-hairy plants up to 250 cm tall. The leaves are arranged in a regular order, whole, palmate-lobed or dissected, rounded or heart-shaped, blunt-toothed along the edge. The stems are powerful branched from the base, 80-250 cm high. The leaves are large, lobed, toothed along the edge, up to 10 cm across. The stems and leaves are rough-hairy. It blooms profusely and bears fruit.

Perennial: Perennial

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