Bird's Eyes Gilia Blue flower seeds - Chocolate Scented flowers

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Bird's Eyes Gilia Blue Flower Seeds - Chocolate Scented Flowers

Elevate your garden with the enchanting Bird's Eyes Gilia Blue Flower Seeds. As an annual openwork plant, it grows up to 40-50 cm in height. The bell-like flowers, about 1.5-2 cm in diameter, showcase a captivating lilac-blue hue with dark centers, reminiscent of bird's eyes. A truly distinctive and beautiful addition to any garden.

Key Features:

  • Annual openwork plant with captivating lilac-blue flowers
  • Bell-like flowers boasting dark centers
  • Unique chocolate-scented flowers
  • Perfect for flower beds, perennial borders, and vases
  • Seeds can be sown in greenhouses from March to April

Planting and Care:

Start by sowing the Bird's Eyes Gilia Blue Flower Seeds in greenhouses during March to April. Once the threat of spring frosts has passed, transplant the seedlings into your garden, maintaining a 15-25 cm spacing based on plant height. Watch as your garden flourishes with charming chocolate-scented flowers, truly enhancing your outdoor space.

Annual: Annual

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