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Aquilegia Columbina (Latin Aquilegia)

A perennial herbaceous crop belongs to a large family of Buttercups, which grows more and more every year, forming straight weakly branching shoots. The height of this crop varies from 20 to 80 cm, depending on the variety. Some specimens grow up to 120 cm.
The buds can be drooping and raised. The color range of inflorescences is very diverse with a predominance of lilac, pink, blue tones.
Most of the varieties combine 2-3 shades of petals. A characteristic feature of the flowers of Aquilegia Columbica is the presence of pointed spurs on them.
Watering. It is necessary to water this crop only after the top layer of the earth dries. The plant does not tolerate waterlogging of the soil, so it is easier to tolerate drought than excess moisture.
Top dressing. The first time the fertilizer is applied in May, using a universal mineral complex. Before the beginning of bud formation, the soil is enriched with organic matter. At the end of flowering, the plant is again fed with minerals.
Other care. After water procedures, the soil around the bush is loosened, weeds are removed. Every spring, the top layer of the earth is renewed, pouring a fresh substrate under the bush. Faded inflorescences are eliminated in a timely manner. At the end of the flowering period, the stems are cut to the level of the leaf rosette. The ground part of the plant is covered with peat.

Perennial: Perennial

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