Coreopsis Basalis flower seeds to grow - fresh

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Grow vibrant Coreopsis Basalis flowers with Oreshka Seeds. These 30+ fresh seeds of Coreopsis Basalis, also known as Golden Wave Coreopsis, will add a touch of elegance to your garden. With its fast growth, bright flowers, and delicate openwork foliage, Coreopsis Basalis is perfect for vases, balcony and window boxes, and flower beds.

Key Features:

  • Fast-growing annual plant
  • Bright flowers and openwork foliage
  • Great for vases, balcony and window boxes
  • Flowering from June to October

Planting and Care:

Sow the seeds from late April to early June or in autumn in open ground. Seedlings will emerge in 14-20 days at temperatures of 15-18°C. Transplant them with a 15-20 cm spacing between plants after they have 2-3 real leaves. Coreopsis Basalis thrives in moderately fertile soil and full sunlight. Regular care, including watering, weeding, and soil loosening, will ensure its vibrant growth.

Add a vibrant touch to your garden with Coreopsis Basalis flower seeds. Order now from Oreshka Seeds and enjoy the beauty of these elegant flowers.

Annual: Annual

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