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Bellis perennis: The Organic English Daisy

Known for its vibrant hues and captivating presence, the Bellis perennis stands out in every garden. Commonly referred to as the English daisy, this flower promises a splash of color and a touch of nature's magic.

Characteristics of Bellis perennis

  • Frost-resistant and durable
  • Grows up to 20 cm high
  • Features spatulate leaves in a basal rosette
  • Boasts leafless pubescent peduncles
  • Inflorescences form large double baskets in white, pink, or red

Benefits of Growing Bellis perennis

Not only does the Bellis perennis beautify your space, but it also offers numerous benefits. Its organic nature ensures a safe environment, free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, its perennial nature means it graces your garden year after year.

How to Care for Your Bellis perennis?

Ensure regular watering and place them in a spot with ample sunlight. Avoid overwatering and ensure the soil is well-draining.

Why Choose Our Bellis perennis Seeds?

Our seeds are sourced organically from around the world, ensuring high quality and vibrant growth. Experience the joy of gardening with Oreshka Seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Bellis perennis to bloom?

With proper care, you can expect them to bloom in the early spring.

Can I grow Bellis perennis indoors?

Yes, with proper lighting and care, they can thrive indoors.

Perennial: Perennial

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