Zinnia Cactus Flower 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Zinnia

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Zinnia Cactus Flower (lat. Zinnia)

Zinnia cactus-like mixture of colors will not leave anyone indifferent. On high bushes about 80 cm high, large, bright unusual flowers bloom in summer.
From the appearance of sprouts to the planting of grown-up bushes in the ground, it should take about two months. They are planted on a flower bed after the frosts have passed.
These flowers are unpretentious, but it is necessary to monitor the humidity of the soil. Otherwise, the leaves and flowers will begin to dry out, and the plant will not become very beautiful. In hot weather without rain, water daily. It is especially important that the soil does not dry out in the first two weeks after planting seedlings in the ground.

Annual: Annual

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