Immortelle Monstroza purple 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Helichrysum

Oreshka seeds
Immortelle Monstroza purple (lat. Helichrysum)

The most popular among dried flowers. Large double inflorescences will serve as a decoration for any winter composition and bouquet. Abundant flowering from July to October. Height up to 80 cm. An annual. Sowing in March-April for seedlings. Shoots appear after 7-14 days, at a temperature of 15-18 C. Plants develop normally at a temperature of 15 C. Seedlings should be planted in the ground in May-June. The distance between the plants is 20-30 cm. You can sow in the ground in May. Immortelle prefers a sunny place and light, dry, preferably sandy soils. Watering, weeding. Loosening.

Annual: Annual

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