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Organic Immortelle Monstroza Purple Seeds: A Gardener's Dream

Immortelle Monstroza Purple, scientifically known as Helichrysum, stands out as a favorite among dried flowers. Its vibrant purple hue and large double inflorescences make it a sought-after choice for winter compositions and bouquets. Originating from regions with a temperate climate, this flower has found its way into the hearts of gardeners and flower enthusiasts worldwide.

Why Choose Immortelle Monstroza Purple?

There's a reason why Immortelle Monstroza Purple is a top pick for many. Not only does it boast an abundant flowering period from July to October, but it also reaches an impressive height of up to 80 cm. As an annual plant, it offers the beauty of nature year after year, making it a staple in many gardens.

Planting and Care

  • Sowing: For best results, sow in March-April for seedlings. You can expect shoots to appear after 7-14 days at a temperature of 15-18°C.
  • Transplanting: Come May-June, it's time to transplant the seedlings to the ground. Ensure a spacing of 20-30 cm between plants for optimal growth.
  • Soil Preferences: Immortelle thrives in sunny locations and prefers light, dry, and sandy soils.
  • Care Tips: Regular watering, weeding, and soil loosening will keep your Immortelle Monstroza Purple in top shape.

Benefits of Organic Seeds

Choosing organic seeds, like those from Oreshka Seeds, ensures that you're planting flowers free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic seeds promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and are safer for the environment. Plus, they offer a richer flavor and aroma, making them a favorite among many.


Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, Immortelle Monstroza Purple seeds are a must-have. Their beauty, ease of care, and organic nature make them a perfect addition to any garden. So why wait? Experience the magic of Immortelle Monstroza Purple with Oreshka Seeds today!

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