Leptosiphon French 100+ PCS fresh seeds, Leptosiphon hybrida French hybrida mixed

Leptosiphon French (Leptosiphon hybrida French hybrida mixed)
Leptosiphon is an annual groundcover. The height of the leptosiphon is only 10 centimeters. And in width, no plant will overtake it. Forms chic hats. Its leaves resemble dill. Leptosiphon has needle-like leaves decorated with numerous villi. The color of the leaves depends on the soil. If the leptosiphon likes the place where you put it, then this plant will be directly strewn with flowers, not even the leaves will be visible. It begins to bloom in June, fades, then begins the second wave of flowering in August. Its peculiarity is that the flowers on the plant have different shades. At this time, there are many species of this plant.
Leptosiphon grows in lighted areas, it tolerates heat well. It can be attributed to unpretentious annuals, as it grows on various soils. It grows very quickly. This plant easily tolerates any conditions. To enjoy the beauty of this flower, you need to water it regularly. It does not need fertilizing. It is not afraid of light frosts in the spring. And in the fall, it will not die with minor frosts. That is, it blooms until the cold weather.
Leptosiphon propagates only by seeds, it can be sown at different times, so that these plants always bloom continuously. You can sow the seeds in April, scatter them on the surface on moistened soil and lightly sprinkle with earth.

Annual: Annual

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