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Leptosiphon French Flower Seeds

Enhance your garden with the charming Leptosiphon French Flower Seeds (Leptosiphon hybrida French hybrida mixed). This annual groundcover plant reaches a height of just 10 centimeters, forming beautiful hats of flowers. The needle-like leaves adorned with numerous villi add to its unique appearance.

Leptosiphon French starts blooming in June and continues its floral display through August, showcasing a stunning range of shades that add to its visual appeal. It thrives in well-lit areas and can withstand heat, making it a resilient and unpretentious choice for any garden.

Caring for Leptosiphon French is easy – regular watering is enough to keep it thriving. This hardy plant doesn't require frequent fertilization and can even tolerate light frosts in spring and minor frosts in the fall, ensuring its blooms last even in cooler weather.

Propagating Leptosiphon French is simple through its seeds. For a continuous blooming cycle, sow the seeds at different times. Scatter the seeds on well-moistened soil and lightly cover them for optimal results.

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