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Waxwort Tarot (Cerinthe) - A Colorful Addition to Your Garden

The Waxwort Tarot, scientifically known as Cerinthe, is a charming plant that can add a splash of color to your garden. With its distinct blue-tinged leaves and unique inflorescence, it's sure to catch everyone's eye.

This bushy plant can reach a height of up to 0.4 meters. The primary color of its leaf cover is a vibrant green, while the upper tier showcases leaves with a mesmerizing blue hue. The inflorescence of the Waxwort Tarot is a visual treat, transitioning from a purple base to a rich dark blue.

Growing Waxwort Tarot from Seeds

For optimal results, start growing your Waxwort Tarot plants from seeds. Begin the seed germination process around February. Soak the seeds first and then plant them in the soil at a depth of 10-15 mm, keeping a distance of 50 mm between each seed. Within one to two weeks, you'll start to see sprouts emerge.

Ensure that the seedlings receive plenty of light and periodic watering. Maintain a temperature of +15°C to +20°C for the best growth. After about two weeks, transplant the seedlings into open soil, spacing them around 25 cm apart. The ideal time for transplantation is during the middle of spring. Your Waxwort Tarot plants will start blooming around July, filling your garden with captivating colors.

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