Waxwort Tarot 10 PCS fresh seeds, Cerinthe

Oreshka seeds
Waxwort Tarot (lat. Cerinthe)

The bush is up to 0.4 meters high. The main color of the leaf cover is green. The upper tier of the Taro waxberry has blue-tinged leaves. The inflorescence, like that of all waxworms, differs in color. In the Taro waxberry, the base of the inflorescences is purple, then there is a color transition to dark blue.
The plant is grown using the seed and vegetative method. To get seedlings with the help of seed breeding, they start from February. So, first, the seeds of the waxberry are soaked. Distribute the seeds of the waxwort in the soil to a depth of 10-15 mm at a distance of 50 mm from each other. Sprouts (two from one seed) appear in about one and a half to two weeks.
Seedlings should be well lit with periodic watering. The temperature should be maintained– +15+20°C. After half a month, the seedlings are transplanted into open soil at a distance of about 25 cm. The most suitable time for transplanting is the middle of spring. The waxwort begins to bloom around July.

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