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Organic Chamomile Silver Princess Seeds

A plant with a compact bush, growing up to 40 cm in height. It features tall stems, glossy dark green leaves, and single inflorescences resembling baskets, with a diameter of up to 12 cm. The inflorescences boast a pristine snow-white color with a radiant yellow center.

Planting and Care

Ample sunlight is crucial for optimal growth. Therefore, it's recommended to plant this chamomile variety in open, well-lit areas. Inadequate light can hamper its development. The plant thrives in well-cultivated, fertile soil with proper drainage and regular moisture. Organic fertilizers are beneficial, especially in soils with varying compositions.

Soil Requirements

  • Well-cultivated, fertile lands.
  • Proper drainage and regular moisture.
  • Avoid clayey, sandy, and waterlogged soils.

Excessive humidity may lead to fungal diseases and premature aging of the plant.

Why Choose Oreshka Seeds?

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