Zinnia Envi 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Zinnia

Oreshka seeds
Zinnia Envi (lat. Zinnia)

A magnificent variety, unusually soft green color. It belongs to the groups of dahlia-flowered zinnias. The plant is powerful, branching from the base, up to 80 cm high. Dense hemispherical inflorescences, 8-10 cm in diameter, of rare green color. It blooms from July to September. They are used for decorating flower beds, flower beds and cutting.
The plant prefers a sunny place, fertile, loose soils. Loves abundant watering. Propagated by sowing seeds in April in seedling boxes. The sealing depth is 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +22-25°C, seedlings appear on 7-10 days. Seedlings dive into pots. In the open ground, seedlings are planted in early June, maintaining a distance between plants of 30-35 cm.

Annual: Annual

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