Callistephus Chinensis Blue 30 seeds - Stunning Pompon-Like Blooms

Oreshka seeds
Elizabeth blue pompom aster (lat. Aster)

The pompom group of asters is distinguished by double inflorescences of a rounded flat shape. The diameter of the flowers is 5-6 cm.

These asters got their name because of the resemblance of the flowers to a textile thread pompom cut into two parts. This type of flower has a low bush, reaching a maximum of 60 cm, and a width of 25-35 cm.

But such a compact bush has good density, and looks very decorative in garden plantings and flower beds and does not fall apart.

Such asters are often used as flowers for outdoor pots. Each pompom aster bush can produce up to 40 inflorescences: such a dense arrangement of flowers looks very beautiful and truly decorates the garden landscape.

Annual: Annual

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