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Rosa rugosa, Pink japanese rose, Beach rose, Bush rosa rugosa, Rugosa rose, Letchberry (lat. Rosea, Rosa rugosa)

It is a lush shrub with a height of 1 to 2.5 meters with strongly wrinkled and glossy leaves that consist of several parts (from 5 to 9) and have a characteristic pubescence on the lower sides of a gray-green color.
The flowers are single or collected in inflorescences of 3-5 pieces, have a pleasant aroma, depending on the specific subspecies, they can be double or ordinary with white or red petals. The flowering period of the Rugosa rose is the entire calendar summer, so often both buds and flowers with fruits can be noticed on one site and on one shrub.
The root system of the rose has a characteristic feature. It simultaneously grows deep into the earth by 3-4 meters, while remaining on the surface. This contributes to the good stability of the bush. In comparison with other types of rosehip, rose Rugosa has several advantages, for which it is so appreciated by landscape designers and simple gardeners: more decorative and beautiful flowers; high frost resistance and drought resistance; undemanding to the composition of the soil; stable and constant fruiting; high yield (up to 4 kg from one standard bush).

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