Decorative Autumn Beauty Sunflower seeds - Helianthus

Oreshka seeds

Grow Beautiful Decorative Autumn Beauty Sunflowers with Oreshka Seeds

Enhance your garden with the vibrant beauty of Decorative Autumn Beauty Sunflowers (Helianthus). These high-quality organic seeds bring a touch of originality to your landscape. Perfect for creating hedges, group plantings, or adding charm to lawns with their impressive height of up to 180 cm.

Plant these seeds in April, placing 1-2 seeds per pot. Shoots will emerge within 7-14 days at a temperature of 15-18°C. Alternatively, sow the seeds directly in the ground in May. After the threat of frost has passed, plant the seedlings with a spacing of 30 cm between each plant.

These sunflowers thrive in sunny locations and prefer loose, fertile, well-drained soil. Witness a burst of captivating color in your garden as they bloom from July to September.

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