Scabiosa Dream Dark Red seeds | Blossom from July to October

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Organic Scabiosa Dream Dark Red Seeds: A Gardener's Dream

Introducing the Scabiosa Dream, a captivating dark red annual flowering plant that is scientifically recognized as Scabiosa. This exquisite flower is not just a visual treat but a symbol of nature's intricate beauty.

Blooming Period

The Scabiosa Dream graces gardens with its mesmerizing beauty from July to October, offering a stunning display of dark red blossoms that are sure to captivate any onlooker.

Planting Guide

For those keen on growing the Scabiosa Dream, there are two recommended methods:

  • Direct Sowing: Sow the seeds directly in the open ground in early May.
  • Indoor Cultivation: Start by cultivating seedlings indoors from late March to early April. Expect the seedlings to emerge within 12-14 days. Once they're ready, transplant them to a permanent outdoor location in early June, ensuring a spacing of 20-30 cm between each plant.

Seed Production

A remarkable feature of the Scabiosa Dream is its prolific seed production when grown from seedlings. These seeds can retain their germination capacity for up to three years, ensuring a lasting source of beauty for your garden.

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