Gaillardia Prima perennial 50+ PCS fresh seeds, Gaillardia seeds, Red & yellow blooms, Arizona sun,Blanket flower,Flower seeds,Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Gaillardia Prima perennial fresh seeds, Gaillardia seeds, Red & yellow blooms, Arizona sun, Blanket flower, Flower seeds,Organic seeds (Lat. Gaillardia)

Lush, up to half a meter in diameter, bush with massive baskets with a sunny yellow core, red petals. Culture has a strong immunity.

The culture from seeds is grown like this – the bed is sown in late April-early May. Shallow seeds are placed immediately in the open ground, which germinate in two weeks if the temperature has already reached + 15 + 20 C.

At the end of summer, the grown plants are thinned, leaving gaps of at least 20 cm, and planted on other flower beds. If you don't know what to sow for winter, choose this flower. The seeds will successfully overwinter in the ground and will spring up.

The flower is considered frost-resistant, bushes can freeze. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to cover them with foliage, coniferous branches, peat, especially if these are plants of the first year of life.

It is better to cut the aboveground part of the flower in October, leaving the stems 3-5 cm long. Pruning will not allow pests to overwinter in the remnants of leaves, will prevent their rotting.

Perennial: Perennial

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