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Organic Astra Siam Aster Seeds

Astra Siam, known as the Latin Aster, is a premium quality flower that stands 50-60 cm tall. With its bouquet-shaped bush and enchanting lilac hue, it's a must-have for every garden.

Planting Instructions

  • Choose well-lit areas with fertile loamy or sandy loam soil.
  • Sow seeds in March-April and transplant seedlings after the first pair of real leaves develop.
  • Plant outdoors from mid-May to early June.
  • For winter sowing, bury seeds 5-8 cm deep at the end of October.

Benefits of Astra Siam Aster

Not only are they a beautiful addition to any garden, but they also exhibit remarkable cold resistance, tolerating temperatures as low as -3 to -4°C. Their sturdy nature ensures abundant blooms, making them perfect for cut flower arrangements.

Annual: Annual

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